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Top 5 Friday!

I got Caius to help me compile a list this week, so here is CAIUS’ TOP 5 CAR CHANNELS ON YOUTUBE.
He made his decision based on presenters with good personalities, decent car involvement in the videos, how much stuff you can learn from them and how fun and engaging they are to watch.
Any text in italics is taken from each channel’s own description on YouTube and sometimes I have added my two-pence in as well, because owing to the fact we only have one TV and that’s where Caius often watches these channels – I have seen quite a few of them too!
A down-to-earth and knowlegable car mechanic with a really good attitude to life and an inspiring work ethic. He explains the reasons behind what he’s done without waffling and has defined a really interesting filming style of his own.
‘If it has wheels…. we will slide it! Drifting, hooning, and shenanigans straight out of central Florida!’
‘This is the place for all the lunacy and crazy ideas from Bad Obsession Motorsport. We’re a leading race and rally car preparation company specializing in projects that are just a little bit mad. Well, maybe a lot mad but you get the point. Follow our adventures with Project Binky, the quest to create a 2 litre, turbocharged, 4WD Austin Mini. Also, check out the in-car rally footage from our time in the 205 Challenge.’ 
These guys are a Shropshire based motor racing garage (so close to home for us!), shoehorning a Toyota Celica 4×4 running gear into an original mini. Fantastically presented — “make the noise!”

(I’m always impressed with these videos simply because of the quality they are put together with. I often hang around to watch with Caius even though they aren’t really my thing. – Carole)

Jimmy Oakes is a Connecticut based Car person whose videos are more daily lifestyle updates as he works on his & friends cars. Personality & knowledge makes this channel – he always explains the rationale behind things as he goes and he knows his stuff as he is a trained engineer.
(Also, his videos sometimes contain bonus CORGI DOG so that’s extra points from me! – Carole)
This is Mighty Car Mods‘ other channel, currently running a series from The Skid Factory. Sometimes the guys from MCM show up, sometimes not. Everyone else on it is interesting or knowledgable with a side helping of fun.
‘MCMTV2 is a Mighty Car Mods channel that features extra car videos, technical series and behind the scenes films. It is the home to various automotive shows including:
THE SKID FACTORY – Two mates work on fast cars in a shed in Queensland
THE UNICORN CIRCUIT – Weekly automotive variety show
MY CRAP CAR – A show that celebrates all the crap cars around the world
GO FAST BRETT – A technical series run by a mechanical engineer on all things turbo
Plus any videos that don’t fit on the main Mighty Car Mods Channel. We hope you enjoy your time here on MCMTV2.’

(I actually quite like watching some of these videos with Caius – I’m not too fussed about cars but I do enjoy learning about how stuff works and why. And they are pretty funny sometimes! – Carole)

 Mr JWW is another Midlands-based car channel bringing lifestyle/car reviews from a knowledgable bloke. Cinematography is outstanding, and the content just keeps reaching new levels.


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