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The TBR Backlog

I talk about my TBR backlog a lot, so I thought I’d actually show it to you in all its glory.

We are still sorting out CFHW HQ and there are cardboard boxes lurking about the place waiting for us to buy furniture and that kind of thing, but I have got my TBR shelves all pretty at least.

Yeah, I said shelves.


That’s the bulk of it, but there are also several ebooks on my Kindle account waiting for me to pick them up some time (probably about 15 or so…)

Some of those have been on my TBR for years. I should maybe stop buying new books (Ha ha ha, yeah right!)

I saw a thing somewhere fairly recently about Abibliophobia which is a fear of running out of books/things to read. I’m pretty sure I have that. If I’m out somewhere and I don’t have a book about my person in any form, I feel really very uneasy. Luckily my phone contains all of my Kindle books but sometimes that’s not comfort enough.

There’s a reason I often carry a book even when I don’t think I’m going to be able to find time to read. It’s like having a safety blanket.

Plus I have all that lot up there to get through and if I don’t carry them round I might miss out on valuable reading time somewhere unexpected!

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