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Sherbet Box Review (February 2018)

For the longest time I have eyed up the Sherbet Boxes on Instagram and finally I took the plunge and I’m so glad I did.

So often subscription boxes are lovely but full of stuff you just won’t end up using or don’t really need. This? This stuff is pretty and functional and exactly what I use regularly and just perfect for me. Happy Post indeed.

The Sherbert Box is the subscription box from Sherbet Lane – the home of artist and designer Claire Keay. Each month she creates a themed box of stationery loveliness and this February it was a Fairy Tale theme which was right up my street!

Everything is beautifully presented, neatly tucked in a tissue-paper nest. I admire anybody who can do anything neatly with tissue paper – it is not a talent I possess.

Inside the February box there was:

  • A beautiful Once Upon A Time bookmark – this went straight into the book I was reading to replace the old receipt I was currently using.
  • A pair of pretty pastel coloured mini-bulldog clips (I think that’s what they’re called!) in a bag – these are always useful to have handy and I’m forever losing them by leaving them on things I give to other people.
  • Three greetings cards with envelopes – I adored all of these!
  • A sticker sheet – One of the stickers was on my laptop before I’d even finished looking at the rest of the box contents, I loved it so much!
  • A gorgeous Red Riding Hood themed writing paper set with matching envelopes and stickers.
  • An A5 plain-paper notebook with beautiful detailing.

The three cards included in the box were all brilliant and have all been given out already! (Early March is very Birthday & event heavy in our family and friend circle. Two of these were used for birthday cards and the third for Mother’s Day.)

They are made with lovely quality card, beautifully printed and I adored the designs. They’re a little bit different and just make you smile when you see them.

When you believe in magic you will find it.

I love that. That’s the one that is on my laptop – on the inside at the top so I can see it whenever I’m using it. Perfect.

And you can’t go wrong with pretty, sparkly stickers – they are happily finding homes on cards, parcels and general ‘stuff’ – I do love stickers. (I love them so much I have my own stash separate from The Smalls’ so that they can’t use my favourites up!)

I’m looking forward to sending these out – they’re so lovely. I am a sucker for beautiful writing paper sets – I just think it makes letters that little bit more special when they’re written on paper that makes you smile.



The notebook has real fairy tale charm – I love the addition of the little castle on the spine and the quote on the inside cover is really beautiful.

I have already lined this up to be my next Book Club/Reading notebook as my current one is getting close to being full and I think this one will be the perfect home for all notes bookish in nature!

I can’t wait to see what’s in the next box – the theme is Moon & Stars –  and I can’t wait to share everything in it with others when I make and send things to them. I think that’s what I really love about pretty stationery – sharing it with others.

The SherbetBox Club subscription can be bought as a 3-month, 6-month or monthly-rolling subscription – I think it would make a great gift to a stationery lover as well as a great gift to yourself! If you click this link you can get a 25% discount using my friend referral code and I’ll get a little reward, too. The monthly price is £14 which includes UK postage. Click here for more details.

Disclaimer: I’ve written this review just because I loved the Sherbet Box so much, I wasn’t paid or asked to do it and I won’t receive any kind of payment if you click the links in the post.

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