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My April 2018 TBR


After March being a month of no reading at all, I just want to ease myself through April. No huge TBR, no pressure.

Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury – This is March’s Smut Club book and I’m part way through it already (our meeting isn’t until the 8th, I have a few days yet to finish!)

I’m Not Sure About God: Jesus Is A Different Matter by William Armitage
I never picked this up last month, but I did get an email about the follow up book that is coming soon so I’m going to try and pick this one up and get it reviewed! (I am being a truly terrible book blogger at the moment, my only excuse is life getting in the way. And when it really comes down to it, life wins out.)

A Brief History Of Time by Stephen HawkingThe Smut Club choice for this month, in honour of Stephen Hawking’s passing we’ve decided to tick his book off our ‘I Should Read That One Day’ lists.

Plus The Bible which I am still trudging through in fits and starts (I’ve not kept up the 13 pages a day thing – it’s more like 50 pages one day and then nothing for a week…) – I am determined to finish it though, however long it takes.

And that’s it. I might read more and I might not read any of it, who knows. I am enjoying Fahrenheit 451 though so maybe the book slump is fading.

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