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Top 5 Friday!

I’ve asked Arthur to help me this week so he has chosen his favourite TV programmes for you. There’s a good mix here – I like that it’s not all cartoons or samey things.


5. Blue Peter

Ever changing, but still going, it made me smile when Arthur picked this as it was one of my favourites as a child, too.

It celebrated its 5,000th show in February of this year (and is now in its 60th year of production!) and I truly hope that it carries on for more years to come.

4. Swashbucklers!
Think Fun House and that kind of thing (assuming you were watching kids TV in the same era as me!) – Swashbucklers is a pirate-themed gameshow with funny presenters, a parrot and the chance to gunge a bad guy at the end if the team of kids wins. What’s not to like?!
3. Go Jetters!

A cute CGI programme that covers history, geography and science in such a way that Arthur doesn’t even realise it’s about history, geography and science! He just loves the adventures the characters go on and the gadgets they use to save the day against Grand Master Glitch. Bright, colourful and there’s a unicorn in it – always a winner.

 2. Lego Star Wars: Droid Tales

Given his obsessions with Lego and Star Wars, this one will come as no surprise to anyone. The series is basically a re-telling of the original movies told by C3PO, Lego-style. It’s hilarious and there are moments where jokes go totally over Arthur’s head but grown-ups understand and the more he watches the films and rewatches these, the more he gets out of it.

1. Art Ninja

His current favourite programme is Art Ninja which is very much the Art Attack or SmArt of this generation. He partly loves it because he loves art and his name gets shortened to Artie and he likes pretending to be ‘Art-Ninja’ himself. It has very much inspired him to just make stuff out of whatever he can get his hands on. He regularly raids the recycling for bits and pieces and his scissor skills have come on in leaps and bounds – it’s really inspired his creative side.

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