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Sharing The Love For National Stationery Week

I’ve shared lots of pictures this last week of my favourite stationery bits and bobs so I thought today that I would share a few of my favourite places to buy stationery and crafty bits from (and a few places I like to window shop at, too!)

None of these posts are sponsored in any way, I’m just sharing the love because stationery makes me happy.


First up are the high street stores I get stuff from and find it hard to just walk past without going inside to at least stroke the pretty notebooks and closely admire everything whilst constantly repeating ‘You are not allowed to buy anything, look with your eyes and not your purse’ to myself.

Wilko and W.H.Smith are the main two contenders here – mostly because they are the two I have locally where I live and walk past and through most often. Wilkos is brilliant for cute, fun stationery at reasonable prices – they often have Disney and film tie-in stuff and their kids stationery and craft stuff is great, too. W. H. Smith’s stuff is usually a bit more serious and slightly more expensive but good quality for what you get – they’re good for books as well, which you know is my other weakness. Some days, Smiths is a very dangerous place for my wallet!

Other stores I find it very hard to walk past include Paperchase, Smiggle, Typo, Paper Tiger and Scribbler. I have to drive a fair way to get to any of these, so going in them is always a treat. This does mean that I’m likely to buy stuff because, well, I can’t just leave it because it might be so long before I go back that they’ve changed the collections… right?

A lot of my shopping actually happens online though, if I’m being honest. Amazon is a great place if you know exactly what you want but I much prefer getting stuff from less… faceless places.

So, my favourite places to buy stationery from online are:

My online go-to for kids craft stuff is Baker Ross (previously known online as Yellow Moon) – they have saved the holidays for me on more than one occasion and recently made Arthur’s birthday party less of a nightmare. I always have a few of their craft kits and supplies in the cupboard ready for rainy days.

And then there’s Not On The High Street, Folksy and Etsy – I get lost in them for hours admiring all the frankly amazing things people create and sell. I’ve picked one seller off each of them to highlight here because otherwise I will be here for hours though!

  • Pink Biscuits on Not On The High Street is great for personalised stationery gifts when you want something a bit different. I love their personalised pencils the most.
  • Swancott Designs on Folksy make utterly beautiful material products, not just stationery, but their covered notebooks are divine and I love that they design it so that when the notebook is full, you can remove the cover to put it on a new one of the same size. They are just stunning and it takes a great deal of willpower to not just buy them all.
  • Cherished Moments is new to Etsy but their fingerprint art kits are adorable and would make perfect personalised gifts for all sorts of occasions. I am very tempted to get the dinosaur one for my 30th birthday and get friends and family to add their fingerprints to make the balloons, because I’m just a big kid at heart and think it’s adorable.

Who are your favourite stationery suppliers? I’m always up for finding new places to feed my habit!!


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