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Top 5 Friday

For the National Stationery Week 2018 Top 5 Friday I have decided to go with my TOP 5 GIFTS FOR STATIONERY LOVERS – most of which I have bought for fellow stationery lovers at one time or another and have gone down rather well!

  1. Washi Tape
    Available in countless designs, colours and patterns, Washi Tapes make a great gift for, well, pretty much anyone. Use them to pretty up envelopes or make your own gift wrap by decorating plain paper, they’re perfect for people who use bullet journals or like to decorate notebooks and make them beautiful inside and out. They’re low-stick so don’t work too well as sellotape (they’re more like masking tape) but are great for using to put up photos on the fridge because they don’t damage the photos – or the wall if you stick them on there! They range in price but you can get some really funky stuff really cheaply if you hunt around. For example the pictured set is £9.98 full price for 20 different patterned rolls – that’s about 50p a roll which is great value!
  2. Pretty Notebooks
    It is pretty much a rule with stationery addicts that there is no such thing as ‘too many notebooks’ and there are so many different styles and designs out there that you can almost always find one for everyone. Whether they’re a list-writer, a novelist or a sketcher you can find a notebook they will love. It might be witty and clever or sleek and practical, maybe they’re a huge Disney fan or a Jane Austen follower – whatever they’re into there is a notebook with their name all over it. Probably literally if you look in the right places!
  3. Novelty Sticky Notes
    Or just practical ones. They’re another one of those things that are just handy to have around and all too easy to fall in love with and accidentally end up with a whole tub of on your desk… ahem. Again you can get serious ones, plain ones in funky shapes, neon ones, pastel ones, cutesy ones, witty ones – the variety is endless.
    (I can confirm they also make great gifts for small children who have just recently learned to write because then instead of labelling everything *on* the objects themselves, they can write on the sticky notes instead. Your house will be covered in forty-thousand Post-It notes though and you may start to hate them. I might have my own collection but none of them match the ones Tori and Arthur had because they still make me want to cry a little bit.)
  4. Cute Tape Dispenser (for the Washi Tape you bought last time…)

    I need to get one of these for me – I keep buying them for other people and still don’t have one of my own. From unicorns to polar bears there are more of these designs than I expect, every time I go looking for one. Today my favourite was this dog one that comes with a little magnetic bowl to store his paperclip bones in (and a magnetic nose to hold one!) – so adorable!! Practical and a funky desk feature, they’d be great gifts in a set with some matching washi tape.
  5. Quirky Pencils
    These Storyteller pencils are awesome. Each one is embossed with a famous story beginning from ‘It was a dark and stormy night…’ to ‘In a galaxy far, far away…’ – they made a great gift for Liberty who is always writing (Honest, look, you can even buy her books on Kindle!{Yes, yes, shameless friend plug.})
    There are other sets too, from rude ways to say ‘Keep your paws off my pencils’ to inspirational quotes to cheer gloomy days and you can get pen sets in similar styles if pencils aren’t your friend’s thing. Just be warned – Liberty almost didn’t get her present because I almost kept it. Maybe buy yourself a set as well, to avoid this dilemma.

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