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Top 5 Friday!

The last couple of weeks have had a distinct taste of summer about them (usually followed by a heavy dose of spring reminding us that it’s still here) and I’ve found myself wanting something fun and summery to drink.


Beer garden weather usually brings out the desire for a cold pint or a refreshing cider but I quite often need to use the car or just don’t fancy an alcoholic beverage so I’ve been hunting out some soft drink alternatives to the usual lemonade and cola options.

Here are my TOP 5 SUMMERY SOFT DRINKS after a bit of taste-testing research!

5. Dandelion & Burdock
 This has always been on my favourites list, my Grandma always used to have a can or bottle of it in the veg rack when we came round as a treat. I think that’s why I love it as a treat – it reminds me of being small and feeling extra special. Plus it’s super tasy and has more about it than cola drinks. The more traditional ones such as Fentimans are my favourite but I will happily grab a cheaper alternative if that’s all that’s on offer when I get the urge to buy it.
4. Ginger Beer
 It took a while, starting with gentler mixes, but now I love it when a ginger beer makes my nose tingle if I inhale too close to the surface of my drink and my throat gently burn as it goes down. Peculiarly refreshing on a hot day, ginger beer is one of my favourite drinks (and if I am having a drink-drink, it goes super well with gin, too!)
3. Raspberry Lemonade
I got asked for ID when trying to buy a bottle of this once. I was 28 at the time and the lady on the till was mortified – one because she’d tried ID me for lemonade (it’s a posh glass bottle, easy done!) and two because I was 10 years older than the required 18. It was very funny and it makes me smile at the memory everytime I pick a bottle up. I like how much lighter the addition of raspberry makes lemonade and it really is a taste of summer – serve it in a wine glass with a couple of frozen raspberries in it as a garnish and it’s perfect. Good for Smalls who want to join in with the grown ups having wine at a BBQ, too.
 2. Black Cherry & Cinnamon Presse

This is a very recent discovery and it is SO GOOD! Rich and sweet with a hint of spice, it feels decadent despite actually being lightly sparkling water with fruit juice and spices. I wasn’t sure I would like it when I first bought it but it is delicious and very moreish indeed.

1. Cawston Press Rhubarb Sparkling Water

I love this. It is not too sweet but not too sharp, not sickly but not too sour, and fizzy without having that horrid aftertaste you usually get with sparkling waters. It is light and summery and fruity and it just puts a smile on my face. Lush!

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