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Top 5 Friday!

This year has seen me start listening to the radio more and more – it suddenly doesn’t seem to all be tripe being released in the charts. I mean, I listen to Radio 2 so I’m probably ignoring a lot of the terrible music by avoiding Radio 1, but I haven’t hated everything this year and that’s quite an improvement.

So this week I am choosing MY TOP 5 SONGS RELEASED IN 2018 (SO FAR!)

5. Paradise by George Ezra
I actually love the whole album this single is from but this song is just catchy and I can’t help singing along with it.
4. Make Your Own Kind Of Music by Paloma Faith
A cover of a brilliant 60s track, I love this. It’s feel good and fun and great for belting out in the front room with the kids. We all enjoy this one, even if it was produced for a Skoda advert!
3. IDGAF by Dua Lipa
Everything in me wanted to hate this when it came out but… I can’t. Not my usual style at all, there’s just something about this one that has it in my head regularly. Which is unfortunate because I can’t sing it out loud round the kids due to the unforgivingly explicit lyrics. (Yay for radio edits!) (And yes, technically the album this is from was released in 2017 but this particular single wasn’t released until January 2018 and that’s when I heard it first, so I’m counting it.)
2. As Long As I Have You by Roger Daltrey
He might be 74 but the guy’s still got it! I might be guilty of playing this very loudly in the car with the windows down once or twice. It’s just such a good track.
1. No Excuses by Meghan Trainor
I make no excuses for this one (see what I did there?), I love pretty much everything Meghan Trainor does.

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