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30 Things Before 30 – An Update!

It’s the 27th of May which means I have exactly one month before my 30th birthday and if you remember, I set myself a 30 Things To Do Before I Turn 30 list last year.

One month to get it all done!

I have completed 17 out of 30 and several of them are almost done, but honestly, I’m not expectiong to do them all. But I have had fun completing the ones I have done and I’m going to put an effort into getting as many of the remaining tasks completed as possible.

What do I have left?

  • Watch 30 films that are new to me – I’ve actually watched 29 out of 30 so I’m pretty sure I will manage to watch one more in the next month and tick this one off. (The new Jurassic Park comes out soon… *big grin*)
  • Have/Book a spa day – There is a plan to book one of these with my Mum and my big sister, I just haven’t managed to synchronise calendars with everyone yet!
  • Visit Hawkestone Park and climb to the top of the tower and/or walk the scary bridge – I’m hoping to tie this in with our 30 Days Wild challenge to climb a hill. Somehow. In the crazy busy month that is June.
  • Make 3 new-to-me cocktails – I’m sure I can get this one done if I try hard (by try hard I mean remember to look at the cocktail book and buy the ingredients.)
  • Cycle 50 miles in total – Yeah, I don’t think this is going to happen. I’m only up to 11 miles. I was obviously feeling a bit enthusiastic when I wrote that one!
  • Eat out at 10 different pubs/restaurants – I haven’t been very good at recording this one, I have 9 written down but I’m not sure I haven’t missed some out. Either way, I’ll try to fit in one more in.
  • Eat something I grew myself – My spring onions are looking very hopeful – so long as I don’t kill them off I should be able to eat them soon!
  • Make 5 new-to-me Sweet Recipes – Four down, one to go!
  • Be a Book Fairy on the Public Transport network 3 times – I’ve done two. Need to do a ninja bus stop drop I think!
  • Get my second ear piercing – There’s a place in town that does this. I should really just bite the bullet and get it done.
  • Complete a High-Ropes course – I don’t think I’m going to get this done before my birthday if I’m honest but my Mum did agree to do it with me so I am going to try and do it at some point over the summer. Do I get half marks if I do it whilst I’m 30?
  • Have a birthday party – We have planned this… BUT it’s not going to happen until after my birthday? Am I allowed to count it?

I reckon I should definitely manage 25/30 by the time I’m 30 and I am going to do my best to do the whole list eventually. (Except for maybe the cycling one…)

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