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30 Things Before 30

I am turning 29 next month, which means next year I’m going to have to go round all my social media and change the ‘twenty-something’ that has served me well for the last ten years to ‘thirty-something’ instead. Sigh. Effort.

It also means I feel like I should *do* something with this final period of twenty-somethingness. So why not 30 somethings, just for fun?


I will aim to update this page with how I’m doing on each thing as I go along. So you can cheer me on, or something.

Here we go:

1. Read 30 books that are new to me:

  1. Second Lives by Scott K. Andrews, 4*

2. Watch 30 films that are new to me

  1. Speed (1994), 4*
  2. Captain America: Civil War (2016) 4*

3. Acquire Scrabble and teach the kids to play it

4. Fly a kite

5. Walk up Snowdon

6. Visit 10 new-to-me National Trust/English Heritage properties/estates

7. Have a spa day

8. Visit Hawkestone Park and climb to the top of the tower

9. Complete 3 cross-stitch cards

10. Make 3 new-to-me cocktails (and drink them, obviously)

11. Cycle 50 miles in total (not all at once!)

12. Eat out at 10 different restaurants

13. Go camping

14. Get my tattoo done (anyone know anyone who is good at drawing dandelions?)

15. Enter a virtual race, raise money for charity & get a funky medal.

16. Make 5 new-to-me savoury recipes

17. Make 5 new-to-me sweet recipes

18. Swim in the sea

19. Be a book fairy on public transport 3 times

20. Binge/Re-watch all of Primeval and Torchwood and relive the old uni memories

21. Complete at least one of my colouring books from cover to cover

22. Host a dinner party

23. Stay in 3 different hotels

24. Get my ear pierced again (I have always wanted it doing at the top on the ear that sticks out more. It stands out anyway so I may as well decorate it, right?)

25. Volunteer at an event

26. Complete a High-Ropes course

27. Knit myself a cute fox scarf using this pattern

28. Sort and properly organise my craft/hobby supplies so that I can actually use them without embarking on a 3-hour mission to find everything (cross-stitching, knitting and card making all require ‘stuff’ and I have a lot of it!)

29.Go to the theatre

30.Visist a branch of The Alchemist bar and drink awesome cocktails. Preferably with friends and not by myself like an almost-30 loner.

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