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What’s On The Menu? 5th – 11th November

Back to school this week, we have had a nice break and I am hoping that this half term will be a turn-around for Artie and maybe he will find his feet at his new school at last. But for now, here’s something I can control – the meal plan for the coming week!

Monday: Cottage Pie with peas – We didn’t have this last week in the end so we are having it today instead.

Tuesday: Sandwiches – Everybody is out at different times tonight and so it is sarnies grabbed whenever we can manage it!

Wednesday:  Gnocchi with Courgette, Mascarpone & Spring Onions with saladWill the kids eat gnocchi? No idea. Only one way to find out!

Thursday: Pizza! – I am out tonight so Caius is in charge of dinner. Yay for pizza!

Friday: Root Vegetable Gratin with Ham And Cheese – I’m not sure I’ve ever bought a turnip before this week. But there’s one in the fridge waiting for this recipe!

Saturday: Lightly Spiced Beef Noodles – Spicing is a balancing act in this house, spicy enough for Caius means hot enough to make my eyes water and the kids refuse to try it from the smell alone so I try to go for the kind of spicing that is tasty rather than hot in the hopes that we can all enjoy it. Fingers crossed this new recipe hits that brief!

Sunday: Risi e Bisi with bacon – Easy, tasty & fairly quick to make, this rice dish is a favourite of mine and I’m in charge of cooking so everyone else can just lump it! :p


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