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My November 2018 TBR

November took me a bit by surprise so I’m all behind with my blog posts, sorry.

October went pretty well until I started the Smut Club Book and then it all ground to a halt whilst I waded my way through that one. I have decided to shake up the list for November and drop the ones I haven’t picked up for two months for as they clearly aren’t what I want at the moment. Their time will come back round!

Here’s what I finished last month:

I finished listening to Mythos by Stephen Fry which is simply wonderful if you love Greek mythology and would make a great introduction if you aren’t overly familiar with it. I imagine it makes a beautiful book and I may invest in a hard copy at some point for future re-reading but I cannot recommend the audiobook highly enough. Stephen Fry himself reads it and it is an absolute delight from start to finish!

I battled through Aphorisms on Love & Hate by Friedrich Nietzche which ended up not being entirely awful, only mostly. I wouldn’t say it was a terrible selection of quotes to make up the book but I do think they were arranged in completely the wrong order. There was no easing into it and I very nearly threw it across the room about 6 pages in, but with perseverance it got better and I felt it was worth it overall.

Hurrah For Gin by Katie Kirby was the perfect antidote to Nietzche – if you have children and have ever wanted to punch a well-meaning ‘parenting-expert’ on the nose, this is a book for you.

Laini Taylor’s Muse Of Nightmares was everything I hoped it would be and more. I will do a fuller review at some point but basically – you need to read Strange The Dreamer and Muse Of Nightmares. Off you go.

Arthur and I shared Tony Bradman’s Ali Baba & the Stolen Treasure retelling and we really enjoyed it. I’d forgotten how much dismembering there was and Arthur was utterly delighted with all the death and trickery. I like it when they don’t over-censor the classics!

We also all shared Henry Brook’s Usborne Junior retelling of Treasure Island and it was really great. Modernised enough to be accessible for young readers who are growing in confidence but not so much that it loses the classic feel. Perfect for readers 7+ and great for sharing aloud.

I finally read Truth or Dare by Non Pratt and it is beautiful. Something a bit different and not just because you have to flip the book over half-way through (so 90s!) It sensitively but honestly deals with how a traumatic accident can affect people differently – from the victim and their friends and family to other people on the periphery who you maybe wouldn’t expect to be so involved. It is also a lot of fun and very sweet and well worth a read.

Aaaaaaaand then there was Tinkers by Paul Harding which was the Smut Club book and I am going to leave my opinions about it for the Book Club post but I will say that it was the longest 191 pages I have ever had the misfortune to read.

That lot takes me up to 63 books finished this year – think maybe I aimed a little low with my target of 36!

I’m still reading The Hobbit with The Smalls and had really good fun being Gollum the other night. He’s a creepy little so’n’so isn’t he? I do love him and his grouchy mutterings.


My November reads pile is a new Little Black Classic, one new book, one that’s been on my shelf for…. maybe 5 years?… plus a book I have borrowed. Oh, and the new Smut Club book, of course:

Pu Songling – Wailing Ghosts (Penguin Little Black Classics #07): I skipped forward a couple of LBCs to find a fiction one after struggling with the last couple of non-fics and my desire to have an easy few reads after Tinkers. I am looking forward to discovering some Chinese folk stories as it is a culture I know very little about.

Brenna Yovanoff – The Replacement: Liberty picked this one out from my TBR shelf for me – it has a dark, moody cover so looks very appropriate for the time of year! (It is also one she passed on to me… a very long time ago.)

Teri Terry – Evolution: The beautiful, bright orange finale to the Dark Matter trilogy, I am looking forward to discovering how it all ends!

Siobhan Vivian –The List: My borrowed book for the month. This is not an author I am familiar with but I like the sound of the blurb a lot!

We haven’t had Smut Club yet so I don’t know what that book is going to be but I’m hoping for something a little less literary than last time!



Have you read anything on my list? What are you reading this month?

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