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March 2020 TBR

My reading in February went as well as everything else did. I finished two books and got almost half way through a third.

Luckily my January buffer means that so long as I finish something this week, I will still be on track for my 2020 total!

This utter reading slump does mean that my March TBR is inspired by the title of one of the books on my TBR…

Book shelf, prominently featuring a book titled: One Of Us Is Next

Yep, I’m not making a proper list! (*Shock*)

I’m going to let myself mood read and just pick up whatever I fancy. I am aiming to finish my February book swap book (which I am really enjoying, albeit slowly because my brain is mush!) and I only have one Winter Readathon book left (The Paper & Hearts Society by Lucy Powrie – Prompt: Shorter Than The Last Book You Read) so that is definitely a possibility. If I get that one read before the 21st I’ll even have finished them all before Spring officially starts!

Other than that, I will start my March book swap book when I get it and then just make stuff up as I go. I’d ideally like to read at least 4 this month but I’m not going to force it.

I might just share a few extra with the kids – Arthur got some new ones for his birthday that looked quite fun – as that will count towards our relaxation goal as well as tick off some books!

Right, better dash – Poppy is informing me that it is lunchtime and I should probably feed her before her whining goes supersonic and starts breaking windows!

(Apologies for sideways Poppy…it’s right way up on my phone!)

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