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March Goals 2020

I’m not even going to look at what my February goals were because the whole month was a bit of a write off.

It had good bits, of course, there’s something good in every day, but overall I struggled with my mental health and just, well, everything really. Not helped by the weather which, as I type, finally seems to be giving us a break but it feels like it has been a long time coming!

So, I’m just calling making it to March in one piece a win and moving on from there.

We started March the way we have done for the last 9 years – with a birthday!

Arthur had a very Minecraft filled day and we ALL had a sugar high from eating those icing cake decorations at lunch time.

For the rest of March, I am having only a couple of goals, to try and pick myself up from the February hole.

Firstly, I’d like to sort out the Smalls’ wardrobes because they’re both growing like weeds and half their clothes are too small so a clear out is much needed!

And secondly, I’m going to try and figure out some simple habits and/or routines for me and the kids to help us relax, destress, and just generally feel a bit less frazzled. We are all running short fuses at the moment and need to remember how to breathe.

We have our doggy friend Poppy to stay for the first week of the month so we should at least all be getting our fresh-air fix with all the walkies!

I’d also like to complete Arthur’s Egyptian homework of building a pyramid model on time and without us completely falling out over it/throwing it out of a window… oh how I hate crafty homeworks.

Oh, and I want to make it to Level 3 of the DuoLingo German course – that is one thing I did manage in February. I kept up with my daily lessons and can now dazzle you with some more gems:

Ich kenne diese Kühe nicht.
Wir schwimmen, da wir Fische sind.
Meine Frau mag den Teppich nicht.
Das Dach ist aus Zucker gemacht.
Ihn Mann trägt keine Röcke.

Have fun Google translating those – they made me laugh when I was learning them!

3 thoughts on “March Goals 2020

  1. Hallo, Hallo Carole,

    You and I exited February a bit similar to each other – until I finally sat down with my thoughts yesterday morning (up all night due to cats thinking it was the most brilliant time to hate each other and just cause ruckus) I hadn’t even taken stock of some of the joys I had along the way as I was just consumed by a severe Winter cold and it was affecting my whole perspective on February!

    One of the happier moments came just as March was trucking into sight – I received a beautiful #bookbox from an author as I won a bookaway for a Middle Grade Fantasy novel called Finding Esme? I hadn’t been able to open it the day it arrived (er, cold with an anchoured migraine was no picnic!) and thus, I waited til I felt more like ‘me’ than the version of who I was for two weeks! lol My goodness! One of my favourite moments was being able to take some book photos and share them on my Sunday Post!

    I also blogged what it was like as an adult reader who still loves her MG Fantasy stories and how special this whole box was for me to receive. Those are the moments I try to remember to hold onto and celebrate.


    Loved the cake you had for your son, as I love seeing themed cakes! And is that a rocket history museum in the background? I still loved visiting the Space Coast when I was younger – that photo brought back some memories for me. Here’s to each of us finding our way with March and finding that is is an easier month wherein we have more joys than adversities.

    PS: So, not just my cats who think the computer is a place to sit and otherwise disrupt our bookish lives online!? lol My tabby once typed his own message to a friend of mine who was I DM’ing just as he launched onto the keypad, hit enter and it was like this weird cat-code of jibberish! lol


    1. Amber has sent a couple of Cat Code messages to people in the past, too!!!

      The photo is of Cosford Air Museum so more aeroplanes than space but the kids really enjoyed it (and me too! I still find it hard to believe they get those things in the air, they’re so big and heavy!!)

      Here’s to a gentler March xxx 😘

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      1. Ooh, that was my second guess – an air musuem! I am literally amazed myself! I was watching a short docu via YT about the history of flight and how some aviators are flying the older more vintage models – quite impressed those still flew too! Plus I loved watching “Foyle’s War” for the vintage aircraft – like you said, when it comes to flight, I am supremely impressed and awed by what we’ve accomplished.

        Ooh that is also why I love the opening theme to Star Trek: Enterprise (my streaming show of choice next to Zoey’s Playlist)… a lovely recap of where we took aviation!


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