Quick Update


Well, life got a bit weird all of a sudden, didn’t it?

Everyone in CFHW HQ is currently just fine, aside from the cabin fever that I think the whole country is suffering from right now.

We have an extra household member at the moment as we are looking after Jet Wash Wiggle Bum the labrador through this crazy time – we are all loving having her here (apart from Amber, but she’s used to her now and has stopped sulking about it), and she’s great for making sure that I get outside every day. (At weird times and down the quietest paths to avoid people – sometimes I don’t see anyone else at all!)

We have just about settled into a sort of ‘routine’ – we are not ‘home-schooling’ as such, just learning on the go. Some days there’s tradtional academic sit down and write stuff, but other days we play games that need scores calculating, or write letters to friends and family. We play, cook, work together to do household chores, compete at video games, enjoy the sunshine in the garden, take part in a daily drawing challenge – a little bit of everything.

I think keeping ourselves happy and healthy is more important than anything else right now – the world is a bit scary and on its head after all.

I must confess that I have struggled to read for the last few weeks – I haven’t even picked up my March book swap book and haven’t managed to finish anything other than books I have read with the kids (which oddly seem to have all been about pigs recently!)

I am going to make an effort to sit down and read next week, really work it into the daily schedule and try to get my brain to focus. If ever there’s been a time I’ve needed to escape into books, it’s now!

I hope you are all doing okay, and most importantly are keeping well. If you’re at home, I hope you are managing to keep the boredom at bay, and if you are still out there working because your job is one we can’t manage without, then thank you. Thank you a million times, and I hope you can keep yourselves safe doing what you do.

I will leave you with a picture of Tori with the super tasty dinner that she made for us tonight – a cheese and onion tart with vegetables!

Oh, and if it is a thing you celebrate, Happy Palm Sunday.

Hosanna in the Highest!

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