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Back To School 2020

This last week was a weird one.

For the first time since mid-March, there were school runs.

On Wednesday, Tori started at her Secondary School (erk!), and on Thursday, Arthur headed back to his school to start Year 5.

There were a lot of nerves jangling around – about new teachers, new class arrangements, changes to routines because of Covid, having to get up early, and a whole new school for Tori!

There was also a hum of excitement – they were excited to be able to see people. Ones not related to them.

They both enjoyed their first few days – they were absolutely knackered by Friday evening!

We have had a few tears of sheer exhaustion and from being a little overwhelmed by the huge changes to routine.

Overall though, the return has been positive.

I am crazy anxious about the sudden expansion of our safe little bubble, and I have no doubt that the next school year is going to be very on-and-off with enforced weeks of isolation because of outbreaks and the like, but I am glad they have been able to go back.

Not just so that they can see somewhere beyond the confines of our house, and speak to people who aren’t us or the pets, but because I needed a bit of time where nobody was asking for a snack, demanding to play Uno, or throwing a strop because I mentioned helping with the housework.

I have enjoyed Lockdown overall, even the homeschooling to a point, but I am so very ready for a break.

Other things like Cubs & Scouts are slowly starting up again, and whilst I am cautious and apprehensive, I am doing my best to embrace this half-way point between old-normal and lockdown-normal.

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