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365 Project 2014, Weeks 21-23. The Bumper Edition!

Ready for a 3 week 365 Special? Here we go! The Smalls first cinema trip today, we saw Khumba then headed to our favourite Sensory Playground in Hanley Park for some sunny playtime. Today was a hide inside from the weather kind of day. I had a bad day today and seeing this when I…… Continue reading 365 Project 2014, Weeks 21-23. The Bumper Edition!

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‘Kids hate reading’ and other stories.

If I had a pound for every time I heard someone say ‘kids these days hate reading’ or ‘****’s too young/old for books’, I may not be a millionaire but I’d certainly have some extra pocket-money. They’re wrong, obviously, but nothing I do or say seems to be able to convince them otherwise. Probably because…… Continue reading ‘Kids hate reading’ and other stories.