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October 2020 TBR

It’s October!

Whilst a large part of me is very gleeful about this because I LOVE this time of year, there is still a voice in the back of my head whimpering ‘but how is it already October??!’

But hey, we have done nothing but wish for this year to pack up and get lost, so I guess it flying by isn’t all a bad thing. Right?

Okay, back to book talk. October plans!

October cries out for two types of story – cosy reads and spooky reads – so that is what I am going for with my choices this time around.

As ever, I am going for four physical books, one audiobook and one podcast series on my list – this seems to be a good baseline recently so I won’t fix what ain’t broken!

The system of setting daily targets is also working nicely to get my minimum target read each week so I am still putting my stash of post-it notes to good use!

I Am Traitor by Sif Sigmarsdottir – As evidenced by the date printed on the spine of this ARC, I have been failing to read it for… quite some time. Described as ‘One teenager’s fight against an extraterrestrial invasion’, I decided this would be a good one for rainy days and dark nights.

Lies Sleeping by Ben Aaronovitch – The next instalment of the Rivers Of London series, which guarantees ghosts, spirits, general weirdness, and human idiocy. Pretty much a list of reasons why I love the series so much right there..

The Chocolate Run by Dorothy Koomson – The cosy, fluffy read of the collection is from my book swap backlog (which, is not looking so backlogs anymore – Whoop!) – it has got to be cosy when the tag line is ‘Who needs love when you’ve got chocolate?’ The main character also has the same name as my cat, which is probably going to amuse me all the way through.

Burn by Patrick Ness – It has a dragon on the cover. And fire. Can’t get more Octoberish than that for me!

And on the TBL I have:

Ghost Stories, Volume One by M. R. James – Pretty self explanatory this one. October is made for ghost stories.

A Grown-Up Guide To Oceans by Professor Ben Garrod & Ellie Sans – I loved the dinosaur series by these guys, so I am excited to explore the deep with them as well. And let’s face it – some of the scariest things in existence live at the bottom of the sea!!


Joining in with Read With Me again this week.

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