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Bunches of Love: A Mystery

Back in August, I got some flowers through the post.

They were beautiful, smelled amazing… and came with no note, just a string of multicoloured emoji hearts on the standard card.

Bit weird, but fine. I said a bewildered thank you on my social media and waited for someone to say ‘ha! oops, forgot to put my name on.’

Then I got a second delivery a couple of days later.

This one was addressed slightly differently and, though the note had no name, I’m pretty sure from the message it was from someone who had seen my social media post and was amused and joining in.

I assumed this would be it, and proceeded to enjoy my lovely new flowers making my front room smell delicious.

Theeeeen delivery number 3 happened the next week.


But fine, I squeezed the new flowers into my vases, replacing faded blooms from the first bunches.

Nobody came forward to take responsibility for any of them – I even went as far as messaging basically everyone I could think of that had my address and asking if it was them! Mostly I wanted to say thank you, but also, I wanted to solve the mystery.

A couple more weeks passed with nothing, and then…

Bunch number 4 arrived.

Still no name.

Still just emoji in the card.

Then I noticed that the backs of the cards were different. Two bunches had been sent as single deliveries, but the other two were ‘part of your subscription’!!

Somebody appears to have set up a flower subscription for me, which is a lovely thing to do and I very much adore them… but also – WHOOOOO AREEE YOOOOOUUUU???

Several weeks passed and the sudden flurry of petals ceased, and I put the whole thing out of my mind. It had been a lovely pick me up, but a dead-end mystery, which I resigned to being over and unsolved.

Then yesterday, the postman handed me these:

Part of the subscription. Emoji note.

Can’t lie – they are gorgeous colours and made me smile after a frazzled few days… but I still don’t know who is sending them to me.

Whoever you are – whether there is one of you or more (because by this point I’m just confused) – thank you for making me smile and brightening up this weird phase of life that is 2020 with a mystery that is pleasant for a change.


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