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Last week, Caius and I took Covid-19 tests – not because we thought either of us had it, but because we’ve both had pretty horrid colds and we were asked to take them as part of a research test.

We both update daily on the ZOE Covid-19 app, and it was this that requested we took tests. Presumably because they want to know if CV19 symptoms can be hidden with colds or if the virus is mutating over time.

Anyway, the kits arrived and we registered them and followed the instructions.

There is a very easy to follow video on YouTube as well as clear printed instructions, and the process is quite simple really.

Just not particularly pleasant.

Wiping the swab stick over my tonsils five times was the worst bit by miles. I already had a sore throat, so it really hurt, and it made me gag as well.

Then you have to stick the swab up your nose and spin it five times – this just tickled (and made Caius sneeze).

Then you have to put the swab into a little test tube of liquid, pack it into a padded bag, and then into a biohazard bag, before putting the whole lot into a cardboard posting box and securing it with the provided seal.

Biohazard bags are always exciting.

Or is that just me? I think they’re exciting.

Anyway, we popped them in the nearest NHS priority post box and got on with our days.

My sore throat was definitely worse after prodding it, but other than that it wasn’t so bad overall.

We posted them at 5pm-ish on Thursday and woke to text messages and emails with our results on Sunday morning.

We are both officially plague-free – whoop!

Now I would quite like for it to stay that way so that I don’t have to do a test again, thank you please.

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