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Soundtrack Saturday

No, it’s not Sunday, but I wanted to do a Spooky Hits edition and tomorrow would be too late!!


Here some songs to get you in the mood for today:

Obvious classic to start us off. This is one of Arthur’s all time favourites.

All Hail The Pumpkin King!

Under the moonlight you see a sight that almost stops your heart…

Such an epic and cinematic video!

Yes, yes this is the second time I’ve inflicted Aqua on you this month. It’s not my fault they’re so good!

Can’t go wrong with this classic!

A 70s tune I think is very underrated, personally.

And ending on a personal favourite, that brings back happy memories of seeing Metallica on tour and hearing them play this live.

Well, hearing/feeling every single note reverberate through my body. It was not a quiet gig.

(Also technically Tori’s first, as I was about 5 months pregnant with her at the time…)



I didn’t announce it, so I wouldn’t feel guilty if I failed, but today is the final day of Blogtober 2020 and I did it!

A post every day for the whole month – phew!

If it goes anything like normal, I will now fail to post again until December 😛

Hopefully not though!

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