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October 2020 Reading Roundup

Just warning you now that this is not going to be a very long post – reading is not a thing I did much of at all in October.

My total for the year now stands at 62/75 which is about where I need to be to stay on target. Feeling thankful for all the months I read extra and got myself a decent buffer!!

What I Read (Books & Audiobooks)

  • The Definition Of Us by Sarah Harris : I reviewed this earlier in the month and it is actually the only physical book I read all month aside from a few pages of other books. I really enjoyed this thoughtful YA exploration of mental health and our perceptions of what is ‘normal’. 5*
  • Ghost Stories: Volume 1 by M. R. James (Audiobook, narrated by Derek Jacobi): I really enjoyed this collection of ghost stories, and not just because Derek Jacobi was reading them to me. (He could read the phone book to me and I’d be happy though, let’s be honest…) They were subtly unsettling and the sort of stories that tell you just enough to make you nervous, but never spell out what it is that is meant to be scary. I do love an eerie tale, and these are just that. 4*

What I Listened To (Podcasts):

  • A Grown-Up Guide To Oceans by Professor Ben Garrod: A follow-up to the brilliant dinosaur series I listened to previously, this set of 6 podcasts took us from the bottom of the sea millions of years ago, to the surface and the here and now. I learned loads from this, both about how life crawled out of the sea and on to land (and back again), and about various types of sea creatures, and how the actual ocean has changed over time. I really enjoy these mini-series’ and hope there are more to come! 5*

Something has begun…

I read a whole one chapter of Burn by Patrick Ness, and it was very good, but I just didn’t have the brain to follow a story. I will return to it another time.

I also read about a third of David Attenborough: A Life Story by Lizzie Huxley-Jones, which is a book about Sir Attenborough written for younger readers. I technically bought this for the kids, but it is exactly what I needed to pick up this month. I can read it in short chunks, it is easy to read, it is interesting and engaging, there are pictures, and it doesn’t need me to follow multiple threads to keep up with it.


Whilst I hope that November will bring me more reading success, I am not going to force myself into it. This year is full of enough random pressures and stresses, without me adding my own things to it.

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