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November 2020 TBR

I… didn’t read last month.

So I am dropping the pressure this month and not even making a TBR. I will try and read my book subscription title when it comes (and October’s one… which I failed to pick up) but other than that, if I want to read, I will go with whatever I fancy and hope it gets my brain going again.

I did listen to audio though, so I am still making a TBL:

Buried Memory: Harbinger PI #2 by Adam J. Wright – If anyone can get me to listen to the end of a book, it is Greg Tremblay. He is one of my favourite Audible narrators – and I really enjoyed Book 1 of this series so looking forward to the next instalment.

We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves by Karen Joy Fowler: I had a paper copy of this on my shelf forever, then it was on offer on Audible on a BOGOF sale and I decided to grab it along with my purchase so I might get to it a bit quicker. I love the cover ❤

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