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We’re Gonna Lockdown 2…

…Electric Avenue.

Yeah, sorry, you can thank the Twitter collective for that ear worm…

So, Lockdown 2 is looming and I have all the mixed feelings.

I think it’s way too late, and I also think it’s way too little.

Why are the schools staying open? Don’t get me wrong, I was not a huge fan of home schooling, and the idea of doing it all over again is not my favourite, but also…

What is the point of lockdown when households with children effectively have ‘bubbles’ the size of their school populations?

We have two different schools in our bubbles, too. And I know there are families with kids at more than just two schools, as well.

I know schools are doing their best, but kids and teenagers are RUBBISH at following rules, keeping clean, and remembering to socially distance.

They’re even worse at it than adults, and from what I’ve seen recently, quite a lot of them are pretty useless too.

So does this lockdown feel like it is going to be a proper ‘circuit break’? No.

Would it have made sense to have a two week circuit break over the last two weeks as a half term?


But since when did making sense seem to come into the decision making of our esteemed government in regards to CV19?

We must act now, after all. Starting on Thursday.


I don’t know. It’s all a scary mess.

I’m going to go eat biscuits and pace circles round my front room for a bit.

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