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Regrets, I have a few…

…and currently they are all over my desk.

You see, a few days ago, I was given a gift by my MiL – an awesome wolf jigsaw, with a bit of a twist.

You have to colour it in yourself!

Well, colouring in and jigsaws are both things I enjoy doing to settle my mind so this seemed perfect.

I decided to make it my November/Lockdown Mindfulness Project.

Now, a sane person would make the jigsaw first, and then colour it in afterwards.

Reader, I am not a sane person.

I decided I would just go for it willy nilly and colour the pieces first, then put the jigsaw together.

I picked out a set of colours to work with, grabbed a handful of pieces and set to work.

So far, so funky.

After a bit I decided to colour all the edge pieces first, and get them put together before working on the middle.

This is where the regrets crept in.

I regretted my cocksure attitude that I am good enough at jigsaws to not be bothered by the totally random colours on the pieces.

I *am* good enough to do it, it turns out.

But oh boy do I have to think about it!

There is a LOT of me squinting at the box and following swirly lines with my fingers to figure stuff out, I can tell you.

But with the edges done, I am now trying to figure out the middle… and the middle is *hard*.

I’m starting with bits that are easiest to figure out (such as Wolfy’s nose) and hoping that I can work out from there to the edges.

And whilst I am looking forward to the Pop-Art style result… it would definitely have been easier to make first and colour later!!!

I will hopefully be back with a finished product to show you before the end of the month!!

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