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Strange Times

A screenshot of a tweet from the Telegraph. It says 'A board reading "No guard changing ceremony today" is displayed in the courtyard of Buckingham Palace.' There is a photograph of a black and white sign, slightly weathered looking, sat on the reddish ground of Buckingham Palace courtyard with the black and gold gates in the background.

It’s funny, but of all the headlines and pictures I’ve seen this afternoon, this was the one that made me wobble a bit.

The one that made it feel somehow more real.

It feels like half the country is just holding its breath, waiting for the headline to break.

And then, I suppose, we begin a new era. Although I hope that Prince Charles is ready to be called a Quing a lot, because we have all been singing God Save The Queen for quite some time now.

Joking aside, I wish for peace and comfort and as much privacy as they are allowed as a family in the days ahead. Because no matter what you think of the monarchy, at the end of the day, they are people. And losing people hurts.

Be kind to others, even if their views differ from yours. Be kind to yourself, it is okay to be sad, it is okay to not be sad, it is okay to not be able to work out if you are sad or not.

And it’s also okay to not read the news. Sometimes the news gets very noisy and too much. It can wait until you are ready.

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