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Chase has been eating Butternut Box food for a month now, so I thought it was time for an update!

Chase has struggled with his gut ever since we got him last September. When he came to us he was a very reluctant eater at best, and his movements were easier to hose into the lawn than they were to pick up owing to having the consistency of old milk most of the time.

He was a bit on the skinny side and was not full of the joys of food.

Baby Chase the day we brought him home!

Needless to say, that was not ideal for him or us, so we have spent the last year trying to find a food that worked for him and made our lives a bit easier!

The food we were on last had improved his poop to the point of it being sometimes semi-solid, but it definitely wasn’t ‘right’ and he never really seemed to want to eat still. He’d pick up a couple of mouthfuls, carry them round the room, then eventually eat them (or just drop them on the carpet. Sigh.) and he’d sometimes not have eaten his breakfast by the time tea time rolled round.

He was also sick almost weekly, on the days he was clearly finally hungry enough to eat the kibble. He wasn’t happy, and we knew we needed to try something else.

Enter Butternut Box.

After a month, Chase’s attitude to food is completely turned around!

He has learned that his food now lives in the fridge, so when his bowl gets picked up and the fridge door is opened he is right there trying to get his nose in the fridge in excitement.

He used to need persuading to eat, now we have to work to make him stay sat whilst we put his bowl down and he is usually literally drooling on the mat in anticipation by the time it is in place!

He licks his bowl clean every single meal time, which is still a novelty after a year of throwing away half-crunched up and abandoned meals. Plus he no longer takes his food for walks around the house or leaves any on the floor for unsuspecting humans to stand on, which is a definite win!

He is finally filling out and bulking up and looking more big boy Rottie-ish – maybe he is going to grow into his paws after all, I was beginning to wonder.

His poop is much better. Actually solid! I no longer dread the poop-crouch when we are out walking because I know I will actually be able to pick it up without having to try and clean the pavement with a handful of grass or something.

He is also happier in himself. We hadn’t realised how lethargic he had become until he started greeting us with a waggy tail every morning and having the zoomies with double the enthusiasm of before!

He eats less grass, too. Now it is only the odd snatched mouthful when something smells interesting, rather than walking round the garden grazing like a funny-looking sheep.

I’ve also had more than one person comment on how lovely his coat is when they’ve been stroking him out on dog walks – he is very glossy and fluffy (when he isn’t soggy and muddy from the river!)

All in all, I think Butternut Box has done Chase the world of good, and is worth the money and freezer space! (The food is fresh and comes in frozen portion pouches, we keep five in the fridge defrosted/defrosting at a time and the rest in the freezer.)

It isn’t cheap, but also it has made him a much happier and healthier hound than anything else we have tried, including sensitive and puppy ‘specialist’ foods. So it’s a yay from us and a happy woof from Chase!

(I do have a discount code if you would like to give a box a try, just drop me a message in the comments or on FB and I will pass it on. This isn’t a sponsored post, I just wanted to share how things are going because I know how much I hated seeing him not eat and how much better I feel now he obviously loves his food again!)


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