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Derailed By DIY

I had grand plans for writing a blog post after I got home from Cubs last night ready for today… but then every time I sat down, I was needed by Caius to help fight with a cable in the new office.

We have had the garage converted into two rooms, because we decided it would be a more practical use of space, and means we can have a spare room for guests that isn’t also Caius’s office.

However Caius remembered a little too late about a cable he was supposed to run from the hall into the new office before the converting happened, so that it was there ready to connect up and whatnot after the work was done.

The work is done.

We have even painted…

Then he remembered.

Cue a lot of swearing, a camera on a wire shoved up through a socket space (after removing the socket so there was room…) , various cables, threads, and wires being poked through the hole in the hall whilst someone on the other side desperately tried to grab the other end through the tiny socket hole, above their head, unable to see.

Throw in the fact that for a lot of it, I was stood in the hall trying to feed the cable/wire through the gap in the ceiling with Amber standing on my head playing with the front door (or the cable I was trying to carefully move ‘just right’), and, well, I no longer have any idea what my blog post was going to be.

So you got this ramble instead.

And a photo of Amber on my head.


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