Dear So-and-So

Dear So-And-So

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Dear Jehovah’s Witnesses,

Not one visit in two years and then twice in three weeks. Really? Did Sy’s ‘I used to be one but now I’ve seen sense’ speech not go in the first time?




Dear People Fitting The New Shower,

Please arrive today, 3 days showerless is 3 too many. Especially with 2 small children.




Dear Weekend Weather,

It is June & I am spending the weekend in a tent with two children under 2. Please don’t be mean to us.




Dear Breakfast,

Why are you never enough?




Dear Packing,

Any chance of doing yourself (not the rude way)? No? Really?


5 thoughts on “Dear So-And-So

  1. Hope you manged to get yourself mended and that the letters didnt get mixed up – that comment made me smile. Hope the weather was good to you this weekend for camping, we are thinking of braving a camping trip over the summer but my 2 are older at 4 and 7 so should be easier – who am I kidding!

  2. Oh god just read my comment, I obviously did not mean you mended but rather your shower! Thats what happens when you are distracted! Sorry x

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