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October Reading Summary

Not long to go until my deadline – expect many short books to be read over the coming months!!

This month I completed:

The Daylight War (Demon Cycle #3) by Peter V. Brett, 4/5*: The third book in the series, I had high expectations as I embarked on the next part of the journey. I am a little sad to say that it was my least favourite book of all so far. There was a lot of backstory which all got a bit samey and there were moments where characters seemed to get a bit stuck in rutts and spent a lot of time not really doing anything whilst talking about what they should be doing. The ending was one of those where you go – wait, what?! It just finished – out of all the characters in the book, only one got a proper ending. Everyone else was left for you to guess where they went, what they did and how the situation played out. At first I was a bit disappointed but now I think I actually quite liked it – the only trouble is the next book hasn’t been released yet and I really want to know what happens next…

The Scorpio Races by Maggie Steifvater, 3.5/5*: I so desperately wanted to love this book. And I did love the final 200 pages or so, sniffling quietly to myself at the sad bits, but the other 300ish pages? They weren’t so great. I love Steifvater’s writing, it is beautiful and her description is powerful and deep but sadly for most of the book that’s all there seemed to be. Lovely descriptions of people and places and how they came to be where and who they are ‘now’ in order for the story to take place in the last section of the book. It could have done with being half the length because for all I felt like the island of Thisby was as much a character in the book as all the actual people, it wasn’t the most riveting subject. The water horses and their mythology was brilliant and I loved the concept – I just wanted it to be more about them and the Scorpio Races than whatever most of the book was actually about. And therein lies the problem, I only finished reading it a couple of hours ago and despite remembering the lyrical language, I can’t remember what actually happened.

The Art Of Racing In The Rain by Garth Stein, 3.5/5*: I read this book on a recommendation – it has all the things I like: the main narrator is a dog, it has a theme of car racing, a heavy dose of love and family, drama and lots of content. And yet I really struggled to finish it. I found Enzo, the canine narrator, obnoxious and irritating which in turn lead me to lose the emotional connection with the rest of the characters. I did shed a couple of tears because the story had some powerful moments but I spent far more time huffing in irritation and putting the book down or skim reading because I wanted to do something unkind to Enzo in order to stop him talking. He just wasn’t, for me, a likable character and didn’t have enough interesting features to make up for this.

Ecstasy by Bella Andre, 4/5*: An erotica novella that actually wasn’t too bad overall. There was some good characterisation, a strong sense of place and a clear storyline in and amongst the frequent sexy scenes that littered Ecstasy from beginning to end. There was nothing too adventurous about the sex in this book aside from a bit of outdoor friskiness but it was mostly well written and not too cringeworthy (I will overlook the one moment where some boobs were described as ‘lush melons’ and I fell about laughing) – it was easy and quick to read and quite good fun. Though it was a little confusing reading a porn novel about two people writing porn novels but not in a bad way.

I before E (except after C): Old-School Ways To Remember Stuff by Judy Parkinson, 2.5/5*: A cute little book of mnemonics and rhymes covering everything from spelling and grammar, times tables and months of the yearI before E is a very quick and easy read. Amusing at times but quite repetitive, I think this is more of a dip-in book than a real read – I found myself ready for it to be finished before I even reached the half-way point.

Clockwork Heart (The Chronicle of Light & Shadow #2) by Liesel Schwarz, 4/5*: Full Review Here

The Adventures of the Owl and the Pussycat by Coral Rumble & Charlotte Cooke, 4/5*: Full Review Here

Pretending He’s Mine (Caught Up In Us #2)by Lauren Blakely, 4/5*: This was a really fun easy-read adult romance – a simple and predictable storyline but done well. The characters are likeable and not completely flat, there are a couple of twists and the writing is good. Not particularly sex-heavy but it has lots of chemistry and build-up between the main characters throughout. Left me feeling warm and fluffy inside like all good romance novels should.

This little lot means that I have read 61 out of 75 books in 2013 – leaving me two months to read 14 books. I can do that!

Books I have started this month but not finished and am therefore carrying over are:

Canal Dreams by Iain Banks

The Iron Daughter by Julie Kagawa

The Year of the Flood by Margaret Atwood (audiobook)

Tithe by Holly Black

All I need to do is finish those and read three other to be on target – simple, right?

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