Hello November

It is November.

This time last year I was throwing myself into NaNoWriMo with gay abandon and ready for all the stress I was inevitably going to endure.

This year I’m not in the right place to deal with all that and I don’t think I’d enjoy it (or complete it) so I have decided that instead I’m going to just write a blog post a day instead.

Today’s is stupidly short because I forgot (great start, huh?) and because I have just written up a post for House of Blog which took up all my writing time.

Tomorrow I will blog properly, but for now I’m going to go play Borderlands 2 on the XBox with Caius and drink Martini Rosato & lemonade.

Happy November Folks (and good luck to all you doing NaNoWriMo properly, I am a bit jealous of you all)

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