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Hold Tight!

We’re going for a ride.

Well, I am anyway. If you count changing medication as a ride.

The stuff I have been taking seemed to be taking the edge off my depression but in return was making me jittery and anxiety ridden, prone to panic attacks and disturbing my sleep to the point where it felt like I was running marathons at night instead of resting. Lucid dreams and nightmares are not fun (although there have been a couple of hilariously random ones that have given me a giggle the next morning, I will admit.)

So, out with the old and in with the new.

My task for the next ten days is to slowly decrease my current dose of medication in preparation for starting a new type.

Which means Withdrawal if my previous experience of stopping these pills is anything to go by.

I am keeping focused on the end result being a new, more positive experience and brighter days to come – and also keeping busy to distract from the fact that my head doesn’t feel connected to my body which appears to be symptom number one.

My kitchen is clean at least – I’ll take silver linings where I can get them!

So really this is just an apology in advance if I’m not myself for the next week or so – forgive me and I’ll be back soon xxx 

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