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Getting ready!

So, today is the day I start taking my tablets, but I haven’t taken any yet because they make you super drowsy so it is advised to take them in the evening before you go to bed. I have decided to keep a paper record of everything as well, because then I have something to…… Continue reading Getting ready!

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Eyes Open

Two weeks ago today, I took my last Duloxetine tablet. It has been a very long two weeks. The weeks before that, where I was alternating between my ‘half dose’ tablet and no tablet, were not my favourite either. After stabilising nicely onto the half dose tablets, I hoped that the transition downward would be…… Continue reading Eyes Open

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Going Down

Two weeks into my six week plan to get off my medication – how’s it going? Good. I think. This fortnight has seen me alternating between taking my full dosage and just half dosage each night, slowly trying to get my body to adjust to having less and less Duloxetine in my system. Overall it…… Continue reading Going Down