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Feeling Brighter

I’ve been on Sertraline for a few weeks now, I’ve increased the dosage to 100mg and hopefully that’s where I’m going to stay.

Happily I can report that the day of hell from the first dose I took was never repeated so I think it was a reaction with the remainder of the Duloxetine in my system.

Side-effect wise I haven’t had all that many – my dreams are a little bit more bizarre and clear than normal but not always nightmares or anything like that, I am sometimes a little bit restless, and I seem to be more susceptible to getting hangry if I don’t eat properly.

But I haven’t noticed anything else now that the initial vertigo/dizzy spells have passed, and upping the dose was entirely painless which was a very pleasant surprise.

ALSO alcohol doesn’t try to kill me like on my old meds – Yay for being reunited with gin!!

I am definitely more energetic over all – I’ve never been a morning person so that’s not changed, but once I manage to tear myself away from my duvet I have enough energy to get through every day without napping, doing the housework doesn’t exhaust me to the point of falling asleep sat on the kitchen floor by the washing machine, and I don’t have to plan in full recovery days if I want to do something that means I will be up a bit late.

More importantly, I am feeling like myself again. I am finding the fun in things without having to try, I’m laughing more, being silly and playful, remembering how to enjoy things, and feeling generally more grounded and less like I’m drifting through life in a vague fog.

Hooray for feeling brighter. I hated having to take medication for the longest time, I was desperate to manage without it not that long ago – but now, feeling like this and seeing how much better it has made things not just for me, but for the kids and for my relationships with everybody else in my life, I am quite happy with it.

My body needs a bit of help to make the right balance of chemicals to keep my brain healthy and that’s okay – I wouldn’t feel bad about any other type of medication so why should I feel bad about these? It might have been a bit of a journey to find the right tablets and there have definitely been some lows in the journey and it’s not all been sunshine and roses – these tablets don’t ‘fix’ me, I’ve still got anxiety and depression, I still have bad days, but they don’t take over any more, I feel more in control, and I am less likely to sink so far that I can’t see anything ever getting better again.

And that is everything.

Yay for being back to slightly silly Me once more 😛

2 thoughts on “Feeling Brighter

  1. It’s so encouraging to hear other people that suffer with anxiety and depression finally find the right balance with medication. And your blog really helps me personally feel that I can get there too.


    1. I’m so glad it helps – I feel self-conscious posting about it sometimes but I know how much other people’s stories have helped me so I want to give something back.

      I hope you find your balance soon, too. It makes such a difference xx


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