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Hello 2017!

It is the first of January and I am in bed at 3.15pm because I feel (and look) like death warmed up.

HOWEVER! Yesterday was a good day to end a year that had markedly more downs than ups and I am feeling positive about going forward from here. Drawing a line in the sand and marking it down to experience – all those cliches.

I haven’t spent all day in bed (and no it isn’t a hangover, I’m T-total currently…) – the day began with breakfast out with Caius and the kids and some of our friends and then I have gone to war with Tori’s bedroom. We are in the process of having a clear out and putting in new furniture after both kids got shiny new cabin bunks for Christmas.

This leads me on to the ‘resolutions’ for this year. Even though I always say I’m not making any, this year I’m setting targets at least. Things to aim for.

1) Read 52 books.

I said I would read 36 last year and read 53 so this one should be doable. I have already started my first one!

2) Complete the British Books Challenge.

Read at least one book a month by a British author. I’m sure I can do this one too!
3) Establish a physical/mental health routine to help me through weaning off my anti-depressants.

I feel ready to face things on my own again and give myself a break from the meds. I really don’t like relying on them and would love it if I was right and have found myself in a place where I don’t need them anymore.

I’m going to give this one my best shot.

4) Lose some weight and buy a new dress for Liberty‘s wedding in Summer.

No set target, just a general aim. Hopefully the routine I set up in Resolution 3 along with trying to eat a bit better will make this one work without having to do anything too drastic like stop eating chocolate or giving up cheese. (I can’t give up cheese. Or chocolate.)

5) Win the battle with the kids rooms and try to extend the fight to the rest of the house.

Domestic Goddess I am not. I am aiming for Competent House Elf instead.

6) Find the good in every day and be kind – to others and especially myself.

The world is a challenging place, feeling more so all the time, a little bit of kindness and taking a second to step back every day and see the rainbows or the patterns in the shadows or something else simple and good helps to make it feel less overwhelming.

7) Complete 7 jigsaws.

This one is just for fun. I got three for Christmas and a couple more were family gifts and there are two patiently waiting on my shelf for me to do that I borrowed from my Dad ages ago. Jigsaws are fun as well as frustrating and I love the satisfaction you get as they come together. I’m sure I can squeeze in some jigsaws between the books and the housework!

Have you got any resolutions for 2017? Or are you just going to plough on and make the best of it?

Whatever your plans I wish you health, happiness, good books and love for the duration of 2017 and beyond. đź’•

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