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My January 2017 TBR

The first month of a new year can only mean one thing – a new reading goal! In 2017 I am going to try to read 52 books – one a week on average.

This 52 is going to include my British Books Challenge (BBC) reads and the books selected by my Book Club throughout the year alongside other books from my shelves/the library etc. Fingers crossed I will pull it off – I managed 53 in 2016 so it is definitely doable!

Books that count toward my BBC will be highlighted in BLUE and will be fully reviewed later in the month as part of the challenge.

Stephen King’s short story collection, The Bazaar Of Bad Dreams, is going to be on my TBR every month this year as I have divided it up so I will be reading a story or two (or three) from it each month – just in case we get a few months in and you are wondering why I am still reading the same book :p

In January I am planning to read:

13 Minutes by Sarah Pinborough – I read and mini-reviewed the sampler for this after I picked it up in YALC and was kindly sent the full book to review afterwards. I started it yesterday and have just reluctantly put it down to write this blog post now!

The Death House by Sarah Pinborough – Liberty lent this to me because she really enjoyed it so I decided to make January a Sarah Pinborough marathon, just because I can.

The Wicked Wit Of Queen Elizabeth II – My Mum gave me this one to read and I’m actually quite looking forward to it. A bit different to my usual choices but that’s never a bad thing (unless it is God Don’t Like Ugly, that is…)

The Bazaar Of Bad Dreams by Stephen King (Pgs 1-50) – I have wanted to read this for a while and picked it up second hand at the end of last month. I’ve read King’s short stories before and really enjoyed them so I am looking forward to my first dip into this collection!

PLUS: Whatever gets chosen at book club – I will find that out at the weekend 🙂

If I somehow manage to cover all of that lot, then the next on my list to pick up is Contagion by Teri Terry which is a signed proof copy I got at YALC. I am determined to read all my YALC 2016 books before YALC 2017!!!


What’s on your TBR this month?

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