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My May TBR

‘I’ll read loads of books even though April is going to be busy’ – I said that, didn’t I?

I read three books and one of those was only 54 pages long. So yeah. I didn’t really make a dent on April’s books at all. I had a total reading slump of a month actually, however two of the books I did read were amazing (I don’t like to talk about the third one. It was… just bad.)

So, May. I *could* just re-do my April list but I might have a couple of new shiny books arriving that I accidentally preordered ages ago so I’m going to switch it around a bit. My April Unreads will be back later though, don’t worry!

(Books that count toward my BBC17 will be highlighted in PURPLE and will be fully reviewed later in the month as part of the challenge and the Book Club books will be highlighted in GREEN and will feature in my Book Club review posts after our meetings.)

Second Lives by Scott K. Andrews – The second instalment of the Timebomb Trilogy that I have been wanting to read since before it came out and has been sat on my shelf since it came out.

Release by Patrick NessPre-order #1. I fell a bit in love with Patrick Ness at YALC and then his new book got announced and my finger slipped…

One Italian Summer by Keris Stainton – Pre-order #2. Keris is awesome and her books are pretty darn good too. And one can never have enough summery romance books on ones’ shelf, after all.

One by Sarah Crossan – An April-Unread – hopefully not going to be a May-Unread too!

Tell No One by Harlen Coben – Actually my April Book Club book but I didn’t quite finish it and book club isn’t until part way through May so I can totally squeeze it in!

1984 by George OrwellBook Club is going both topical classic this month. This has been on my TBR since… about 2004, so it will be good to finally read it.

The Bazaar Of Bad Dreams  by Stephen King – I’m actually behind on this one now – at this rate I’m just going to end up reading it all in December!!! (Note: This is on my TBR every month this year as I have divided it up so I will be reading a story or two or three from it each month.)


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2017 Reading Challenge
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