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In The Spotlight… Washi Tape

I have a problem.

An addiction, you could say, although not the kind of addiction that can be solved by rehab.

There is no rehab for Washi tape addiction.

What Is Washi Tape?

Washi tape is decorative tape, originating from Japan, that is used for all sorts of crafts and things.

It is available in an endless multitude of colours, styles, patterns, and widths, perfect for any season.

It is traditionally made from rice paper, although there are plastic versions also available now.

It took a long time for them to perfect the art of colouring the rice paper how they wanted because the nature of rice paper often causes colours to look dull, but they have it cracked now!

The first company to develop the beautifully coloured and patterned tape was Kamoi Kakoshi Co. Ltd and they called it MT masking tape, but now it is made by many companies and is known collectively as Washi tape.

Washi comes from two words: Wa meaning Japanese, and shi meaning Paper.

Let’s Take A Closer Look At Available Styles…


Who doesn’t love a bit of sparkle in their life? I like using these ones on Christmas and birthday cards and gifts.


A subtler sparkle, great for borders on pictures or in bullet journals and diaries.


They aren’t all bold and bright, some are more subtly coloured, great for photo albums and scrapbooks.


Some of them come with slogans and mottos on – often festive or for birthdays (though I have used all my festive ones up, must replenish stocks!) – and they are great for diaries, decorating envelopes and parcels, and for putting in handmade cards.


The patterns available on Washi tape are endless – there’s something to go with every colour scheme, and every occasion. Whatever you’re decorating, there’s a Washi Tape to go with it!

What Are Your Favourites?

Here are a few of my favourites – I love the llamas because they make me laugh, the bees make me smile, the paw prints appeal to my animal loving side, the film reel is funky, and the star and circle tape is perfect for making pretty borders.

My very favourite one is the tyre track one though – I got it in the first ever random multi-pack I bought and it’s just so different to all the others I’ve had. It’s really striking on white paper, too.

So What Can I Use It For?

Being masking tape, it isn’t particularly useful for sticking things together – it is very much decorative rather than practical.

But you can use it for all manner of things – decorating journals, making cards, decorating bookmarks, making post pretty – basically, anything papery can be improved by some Washi tape!

I Want Some!

Me too!! (I always want more!)

Here’s a few links if you fancy starting a collection:

Wilkos usually have a couple of sets in their stationery department (I never manage to resist them…) and it’s usually £2.50 for 5 rolls. Such as this cute pastel set.

Paperchase always has some beautiful ones in stock – I love this cute Sakura Koi Carp design and this Peter Rabbit themed set.

Ryman have a nice selection at the moment, including some particularly beautiful pastel colours.

And of course, there is a multitude of options on Amazon. Just beware some of the cheaper sets – you do get some peculiar translations on them! I once had one that said ‘Hello Fruit Girl’ and ‘We like Soup’ on, along with pictures of houses…

30 Rolls Washi Tape Set 15mm, Include 20 Gold Foil Masking Tapes 10 Rolls Colourful Rainbow Tapes, £10.99

24 Rolls Decorative Washi Tape – Seasonal Designs, £10.99

YUBBAEX Washi Tape Set Decorative Tape for Crafts, £4.49

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