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Water, Water, Everywhere – But how much should I drink? (Sponsored Post)

Back at the start of the month I posted about how tired I have been feeling recently – well I have had the blood test results back and it has been confirmed that I am anaemic. I don’t know why or what has caused it but I do at least know why I keep falling asleep and feeling like I’m wading through porridge just to stay awake some days.

My diagnosis has lead to an inevitable course of iron tablets and the advice to try to supplement my diet with iron-rich foods and to make sure I stay hydrated.

The food I can just about manage – the water? The water I struggle with.

I’ve never been any good at drinking the recommended eight glasses of water a day – I just forget. It’s not all that unusual for me to go whole days without drinking anything or just one glass of juice or lemonade.

I need to sort this out. Not just to help with my anaemia but just to look after my health in general.

I’ve done a fair bit of reading around what foods I can eat to help fight my iron deficiency and some reasearch into water facts about how much water I should be drinking and why.

I have upped my intake of red kidney beans and spinach and I’m trying to make sure I eat meat every day but I am still struggling to drink enough water. For the last couple of days, apart from a drink with my dinner, I think all I have had to drink is the small glass of water I use to swallow my iron tablets and vitamins.

Mmm, breakfast…

I need to find a way to get into the habit of drinking enough – I am thinking one way could be to find myself a bottle that is 500ml in size and making sure I fill it and drink it three times a day, perhaps with breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Water is boring though, when it is all you have to drink, and I’m not a massive fan of orange squash which is what we often have in the cupboard so I might just explore the squash and cordial aisles next time I’m shopping and try to find some alternatives to spice up my water intake.

If anybody has any suggestions for me I am open to ideas – I’m not very inventive and need all the help I can get.

There are times when I wish I drank tea and coffee – I’m sure most other people drink half of their water quotient in their tea breaks.

I have been quite happy to discover though that tap water is just as good, if not better, than bottled water as the price of bottled water has often put me off – I’d rather stay vaguely thirsty than pay a silly amount for a bottle of water.

Using water from the tap isn’t free, of course, but it definitely works out cheaper than buying 2 litres of bottled water every day.

It is amazing what savings you can make on your water usage – for example, did you know that it is actually more water efficient to use a dishwasher than to do the washing up by hand? It’s true – just take a look at this cute calculator and see! I was genuinely surprised by this – I honestly thought it was the other way around. Suddenly I love my dishwasher even more.

Do you drink eight glasses of water a day or are you like me and drink more like one if you’re lucky?


This post was sponsored by Happier Homes (part of the Reckitt Benckiser group) but all opinions are my own.

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