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I have been tired recently.

Very very tired.

To the point where I stopped being able to write it off as ‘parenting two children tiredness’ and began to think it was something else.

I know being a parent is tiring but falling asleep on the kitchen floor despite having had 9 hours sleep overnight is not right. Not to mention inconvenient when you wake up to your two year old poking you asking where his drink is because that’s what you went into the kitchen for twenty minutes ago.

Exhausted and fed up of not getting anything done because I was permanently either asleep or else too tired to function due to stubbornly fighting the sleepiness, I went to the Doctors and had a blood test done.

I hate blood tests, for the simple reason that I don’t bleed on command. As soon as I try and give blood to people – even a tiny bit like for a blood test – my veins say NOOO and collapse to nothing. It is very annoying and results in syringes being required. Which is no fun.

I get the results tomorrow and I’m half hoping that they can say what’s wrong and that it is something simple like anaemia and half hoping that they’ll say I’m clearly just lazy and need 10 hours sleep a day.

Of course there’s that little niggle that it is going to be something worse but I feel quite healthy in myself apart from the dozing off (standing up at least once) so I’m not too worried about that. I can’t let myself be else I’d never relax.

Whichever way it goes I just hope there is some sort of solution to stop me feeling endlessly sleepy so that I can get on with life without feeling permanently like I’m wading through treacle from 11am onward each day.

5 thoughts on “Yawn…

  1. Oh. My. Gosh!!! I have so been here!
    My blood tests turned up reactive hypoglycemia so I have to be very careful about eating every three hours and watching the carbs that spike my blood sugar. Gluten does it to me too!

    I sure hope they find out what’s going on…so so hard to deal with!

    Fingers crossed that it’s something simple and prayers that the doctors will be able to come up with a solution for you.


    1. Thank you. I’d be awful if I had to watch my carbs – I’m a total carb junkie!!

      Just had the results back and I’m anaemic. On a course of iron supplements for three months to see if that helps 🙂



  2. I hope that its clear for you and that its nothing but anemia. I was the same although a bit older than you (I just enjoy the blog on the lookout for stuff for grandchildren) I was eventually diagnosed with sleep apnoea and given something to stop me from not breathing during the night. Its great I feel I have my life back and can actually get through conversations. Take care.


    1. Just heard back that it is Anaemia so hopefully Iron tab.ets will start helping me make it through days without needing two naps (I’m worse than my two year old at the moment!)


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