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March & April Reading Round-Up

My super-high reading totals haven’t happened quite so much over the last two months, but I have still been reading (and listening!).

In March and April I read:

The Night Has Claws (Magdeburg Trilogy #2) by Kat Kruger, 4/5* – I enjoyed this almost as much as book #1 and I am interested as to how it is all going to play out in book #3 when it comes out.

Darkness Rising (Liebermann Papers #4) by Frank Tallis, 4/5* (Audiobook) – This was not my usual book fodder, a historical murder mystery set in Vienna 1903, but it was really interesting and kept me coming back for more.

Sharcano (Sharkpocalypse Trilogy #1) by Jose Prendes, 4/5* Full Review Here

Hold That Thought, Milton! by Linda Ravin Lodding 5/5* Full Review Here

Shakespeare’s Counselor (Lily Bard #5) by Charlaine Harris, 4/5* (Audiobook)- I got this out of curiosity after enjoying her now-famous TrueBlood series (I so liked them before they were cool). I wanted to see what her non-paranormal stuff was like and it turned out to be pretty good. Just as enjoyable and easy to digest, I may be looking for the rest of the series at some point.

The Ocean At The End Of The Lane by Neil Gaiman, 5/5* (Audiobook) – When this popped up on Audible I fell over myself to spend my monthly credit on it – I watched the internet explode with praise over it when it came out and have lusted after it ever since. I was not disappointed either – full of Gaiman’s usual dark humour and emotions, it made me laugh, cry and feel a little creeped out.

Snowed Under (Wunderland Series) by Jen Greyson, 4/5* Full Review Here

Blood Crime by Kim Harrison 3/5* (Graphic Novel #2) – I do enjoy the insights to the backstory you get into the Hollows series from these but I’m not the biggest fan of the style they are drawn in. Plus, as is always going to be the issue with these things, the characters just don’t look like the ones I have in my head.

I have also started, but not yet completed: Talus and the Frozen King by Graham Edwards, Ever After by Kim Harrison, City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare and Under The Dome by Stephen King (Audiobook).

That’s 19/36 books read so far in 2014 – that’s over half way already!

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