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Anybody Still Out There?

Helloooooooo…. *echoes*

So, er, things have been a bit quiet here for a while. Sorry about that, life got a bit lifey and the blog got laid aside for a while.

There have been lots of good things – adventures at GoApe! with my Mum, camping, long walks in the countryside, visiting friends – I might do a happy things post soon just as a catch up.

However, the real reason I went quiet is because I’ve been back struggling with the anxiety and depression demons again and everything got on top of me. Stuff had to give and one of those things was this little internet space.

But I took the step of going to the doctors this week and have been prescribed my old friend Duloxetine to see if it can get me back on track. I’m being thrown back onto the full dosage I was on, rather than taking it up in increments like last time, so I expect the next week or so is going to be a bit up and down as my body gets used to it again (really not looking forward to it). I found blogging my way through it all really helped last time, so I thought I might try it again.

Getting it all down and out of my head seemed to make it more bearable and sharing my experiences seems to be a positive thing in general, so why not?

I’m starting on them tomorrow, so tonight I am going to enjoy a D&D session with my friends and a couple of bottles of cider before the booze-ban and medication-induced seasickness begins.

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